You may be wondering; why invest in professional photos of myself and my partner? It’s not like we’re getting married/we’re already married! What’s the point, when the latest iPhone is basically MADE for high quality selfies?

Well, you aren’t wrong if you’ve noticed that the latest smartphone models do, in fact, have pretty impressive image quality. But, there’s something entirely different in both the look and feel of professional photos. Having someone who knows exactly how to make you both relax, and pay attention to just each other instead of the iPhone photo live view; not needing to be concerned with your own angles or lighting or ability to smile just right; having a professional there to capture those real, raw moments between you and your partner that are impossible for you to capture on your own when you’re paying attention to a smartphone.

Sure, you may have (or already have) your professional wedding photos, and those will be beautiful. But, what about your day to day life? What about the fact that on most Saturday mornings, you and your partner like to chill at home in lululemon leggings and drink coffee? Or take a walk on the beach on a mild afternoon with your dog? These are the things that make up your relationship, and your life together. Capturing these natural, unposed moments of your life are what you’ll be able to look back on and smile at; remembering exactly how you spent your days, your quality time together.

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