Photography is a creative profession, and getting into it almost always stems from a passion or love of the craft; this was no different for me! My primary focus is and always has been couples in love, and families documenting their most important milestones; that will never change. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and because of that it’s so important for me to make time for my creativity; not only to keep my passion alive, but to help me learn and develop new artistic skills I can bring into my work.  I met Ashley a couple of years ago, and since then we try to make point of shooting together on a semi-regular basis. This time, I really wanted to try a casual kinda-but-not-really boudoir session; we teamed up with the lovely makeup and hairstyling team Sarity to bring this vision to life. Thanks so much to Ashley for always being up for my ideas, and to Sarity for coming on board last minute on a wedding season Saturday to have some fun with us (also to my boyfriend for letting me have free rein of our house on a Saturday morning 😇 ).


Photography is about light, technology, and art; subjects and themes vary, but this will always be the core. Learning is so important, and never ending.