As a lifestyle and wedding photographer, my job is to document the most important moments in your life. Pregnancy is no different! It’s such a short time in your life, but one that will change it forever; documenting it is not only something for you to look back on, but your future little one(s), too. Think of how lovely it would be to have photos of your mom when she was carrying you; or if you do, how special those photos are to you now.

Maternity photos don’t have to be uncomfortable. You don’t need to position yourself into awkward positions, or paint things on your belly; you can just be you. Whether that’s outside in nature, or in the comfort of your own home. This is a time in your life worth celebrating, and worth investing in. If you have other children, a partner, or pets; involve them too.

Even if you don’t feel like this is the most glamorous time of your life (although you ARE beautiful, trust me); you’ll look back on it fondly, as that time your body did something amazing and brought you the best gift. Documenting it will give you those memories to cherish for years to come; don’t let it pass you by.