This is a little outside the normal style of blogs I post, but I get this question so frequently; it’s asked to me by strangers and family members alike. I wanted to write about it because I don’t feel like there’s one specific answer to this question, and I want you all to know just why I love what I do.
I’m gonna start off with a little secret here: I didn’t spend my childhood photographing everything in sight. In fact, I didn’t touch my first camera until I was 23 years old (that’s 7 years ago), and even then I didn’t get serious about it until I was 26. I did, however, spend my young life drawing; and faces were my favourite. I loved the shapes, lines, laughter and the way emotion changed a face. And then I decided to start photographing people.
There’s so much emotion between partners in love, and it’s a special thing to be able to visualize that for them. A photograph is a memory of a moment, an instant, a feeling that lives on forever and as corny as that sounds, it’s so fulfilling to know you’re documenting that for someone else.
On a wedding day, families go through a range of emotions; love, laughter, tears and pure joy. Making sure I’m mindful of everything going on is equal parts challenging and exciting.
People will often ask me, “Isn’t it stressful, all that pressure?”; but for me, each wedding day gives me the opportunity to take the best image I’ve ever taken. Moments are everywhere, and often the unexpected ones end up being the best.
The single most rewarding thing about photographing a wedding is when a client tells me how much they love being able to relive their day through their photos. When my images mirror how they felt on that day, I know I’ve done my job.